Maryland Voter Integrity Group Shares Mathematical Analysis Suggesting an Algorithm Ran in Maryland During the 2020 Election

Engineer and Cybersecurity Expert Releases Analysis of Maryland Data with Puzzling Findings 

ROCKVILLE, MD – August 17, 2021 – The Maryland Voter Integrity Group announces today that recent mathematical analysis uncovers the possibility that an algorithm ran during the 2020 Election.

In addition to the anomalies discovered in four Maryland counties previously, another discrepancy was noted in the state’s election results by a PhD candidate who has worked extensively in Cybersecurity and related engineering fields, including at Sandia National Laboratories.

Utilizing a combination of complex data mining techniques and publicly available data, Maryland shows a single ‘drop’ of a large number of votes at 11:15pm on Election Day. In just over four minutes, this led to a total of almost 200% higher vote counts than all of the votes received prior to this point. Even more puzzling:

  • These votes had almost 100% greater percentage totals for Biden than the cumulative votes percentage prior to this “drop.” The Trump vote percentage was 400% lower.
  • The data anomalies continued after this “drop” when at every update following, the new vote totals were each within 99% of what was needed to maintain Biden’s lead, regardless of where these votes came from.

These latest findings underscore the need for a Full Forensic Audit, similar to what is being done in Arizona, to be conducted in an effort to clarify these anomalies and restore public faith in the integrity of our electoral systems.

“It’s clear that these Machine Voting Systems are vulnerable to Cyber Hacking and other attacks that have the ability to affect the integrity of our election systems,” Chair of the Maryland Voter Integrity Group, Robyn Sachs said. “The recent analysis of mathematical data shows that to go forward, we need to actually move backwards to paper ballots and a hand count in order to regain control of accuracy in our electoral process.”

About The Maryland Voter Integrity Group

The Maryland Voter Integrity Group is committed to stamping out fraud and inaccuracies in Maryland’s voter rolls to preserve voter confidence and free, fair, and transparent elections. For more information, please visit the organization’s Facebook page.

Figure 1:










You can see around the time that Florida was called for Trump, Maryland was running awfully close to that 100% ratio point! We can’t have any more states doing that! PANIC! So – Maryland got a HARD reset. The double peaks from the initial system perturbation is there after the drop.

Figure 2:










The overall vote trends show a VERY large deviation as a result of that apparent reset. However, it is worth noting that – even with the reset – the percentage control is very apparent. When comparing the overall Biden votes to Trump votes over time, they correlate with a R=0.9902.

Figure 3:





The hard reset – by the numbers – resulted in a shift in the %Trump/%Biden ratio from 85% to 36%. People might say that this is just because that is a highly democratic area reporting, but the rate of change in Biden’s votes is still proportional to the rate of change of Trump’s votes during this time.