The organization seeks support from concerned Marylanders to get to the bottom of anomalies and mathematical inaccuracies discovered to-date and restore faith in electoral process

ROCKVILLE, MD – September 1, 2021 –Maryland Voter Integrity Group announces today that it has launched a Petition to Audit the Vote in Maryland in the 2020 Presidential election. This push comes as key aspect of the organization’s purpose, to stamp out fraud and inaccuracies in Maryland’s voter rolls to preserve voter confidence and free, fair, and transparent elections.

The petition is available for digital signature on the Maryland Voter Integrity Group’s website, and calls for a Full Forensic Audit like the one recently conducted in Arizona. The Audit would help clarify anomalies discovered within Anne Arundel, Carroll, Frederick, and Harford counties in Maryland.

  • In all four Counties in the 2012 and 2016 elections, the Democratic vote increase remained marginal, ranging between 1% to 2% overall.
  • In 2020, however, these same metrics showing the Democratic vote increase spiked to between 34-37% in all four of these Counties. This appears to have taken place without any measurable population growth, registration expansion, or vote increase for either party.

In addition, a recent mathematical analysis conducted by a PhD candidate with an extensive Cybersecurity and engineering background, suggests the possibility that a Computer Algorithm ran during the 2020 election in Maryland.

Utilizing a combination of complex data mining techniques and publicly available data, Maryland shows a single ‘drop’ of a large number of votes at 11:15pm on Election Day. In just over four minutes, this led to a total of almost 200% higher vote counts than all of the votes received prior to this point.

  • These votes had almost 100% greater percentage totals for Biden than the cumulative votes percentage prior to this “drop.” The Trump vote percentage was 400% lower.
  • The data anomalies continued after this “drop” when at every update following, the new vote totals were each within 99% of what was needed to maintain Biden’s lead, regardless of where these votes came from.  

Key findings to-date raise puzzling questions and understandable concerns about the accuracy of the electoral process in Maryland and underscore the current call for a Full Forensic Audit.

“There’s a clause in the Maryland Constitution: Article 1, Section 7. ‘The General Assembly shall pass Laws necessary for the preservation of the purity of Elections.’ That is precisely what we are asking for in our Petition as concerned Marylanders and American citizens,” Chair of the Maryland Voter Integrity Group, Robyn Sachs said. “We will continue to stand up for free, fair, and transparent elections and believe the Full Forensic Audit is necessary to get to the bottom of the anomalies we have discovered so far and to restore public faith in our elections.”

About The Maryland Voter Integrity Group

The Maryland Voter Integrity Group is committed to stamping out fraud and inaccuracies in Maryland’s voter rolls to preserve voter confidence and free, fair, and transparent elections. For more information, please visit and the organization’s Facebook page.